Katie Dean Jewellery

Welcome to Katie Dean jewellery!

I’m guessing that we have a lot in common… Yes, I am a strong independent career woman, a responsible member of society and every day I do my very best Superwoman impression. But I also happen to think that being an adult is over-rated a lot of the time. Even Superwoman needs to curl up in her duvet fort with a colouring book some days…

Dees_Sparkle_Necklace1web…So I let my jewellery keep me in touch with my inner child. Katie Dean Jewellery is all about expressing your fun side in a world that often feels too serious. Maybe it’s wearing a ‘virtual colouring book’ around your neck to just brighten your day. Perhaps you want to indulge in some comfort food, something ‘naughty but nice’, without the calories. If you like to stay in touch with nature, then remember how you saw it as a child – the bold colours and fascinating shapes.

My Style

Whatever expresses your personality, I’m guessing that you’re here because you’re ready to let Katie Dean Jewellery help you to share that with the wider world.

Chocolate Eclairs Necklace Katie Dean JewelleryOK, so maybe I wouldn’t wear a chocolate éclair necklace to my next business meeting. Or, maybe I would…why shouldn’t I give my accountant something to smile at? I’m sure he would appreciate it.

But I would certainly wear my Liquorice Allsorts to a party – they’re just such a great ice-breaker. I always find myself getting into conversations about which was my favourite (it’s the round coconut ones by the way) and who knows where that conversation might lead…?

What I can give you!

I like to think that Katie Dean Jewellery has something different to offer. It is also about good design. I mean, I may be happy to wear a ring of donuts around my wrist, but I don’t want to look totally stupid. My designs are carefully crafted so that they are wearable and have a certain elegance about them.Liquorice Allsorts Pendant Katie Dean Jewellery

I hope you’ll agree, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. To make sure you know how much I care about this friendship, every piece of jewellery is hand-crafted by me. I work with beads and I use traditional techniques. These are skills that I have been learning and perfecting for years. I love sharing them with you because, after all, your inner child needs some love and I happen to think you’re worth it!

So, if you are ready to get to know me a little better, then let me take you on an adventure…Take my hand and follow me down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland of my designer jewellery!