Buying Jewellery

So, maybe you have already been browsing my collection and have found something to tempt you. What are you going to do now? If it was me, I would be finding out about buying jewellery to see how I do it. That may sound obvious, but of course I want to check I’m not about to be sucked into some crazy scam…you’re not…read on my friend!

Buying Jewellery

The first thing to say is buying jewellerythat not all of the jewellery you see in my collection is for sale. Some pieces have already been sold. I am so attached to some pieces that I will never consider selling them. Other pieces are one-off commissions that are not for general sale. Why do I include them in the collection? Basically, so that you can get a really good sense of what my jewellery is all about. Maybe you are thinking about buying jewellery, but have something specific in mind. If you can’t see it, you may be able to see something along the right lines. If this is the case, then perhaps you should consider talking to me about a commission.

Any of my items that are available to purchase include a ‘Buy Me Now’ label. Click on that and you will find yourself magically whisked away to a completely new destination. I sell through third-party outlets. This means that you will be buying jewellery from somewhere that you already know and trust. This could be Amazon (have you heard about Amazon Handmade? – if not, check it out!) or another trusted name. I am constantly looking to expand how and where I sell. This means, I will consider selling through actual brick and mortar shops as well, so I would be able to redirect you there too.

Why Sell this Way?

Lots of things factored into my thinking as I was setting up this website. Firstly, I know that buying jewellery online involves a lot of trust. You may be contemplating parting witBuying Jewelleryh a significant sum of your hard-earned money. I am about to find myself parting with an item that is special to me. Neither of us wants to find ourselves making that exchange with an untrustworthy ‘other party.’ By selling through Amazon Handmade, for example, we both get the benefits of a trusted marketplace. In the unlikely event that something untoward should take place, we both know there is a safe way to sort it out.

You may then be asking why I’m bothering to set up this website. The answer is, so I can interact with you. I can tell you my story. You can get to see everything I make (well, not quite everything), not just the items that are on sale at a given moment in time. If you wish, you can still buy direct from me. All you have to do is email me and let me know what you want. If you want to know more about custom orders, then pop on over to this page.

The Boring Smallprint

If you found your way here because you were looking for facts like how to pay, delivery options and so on, here you go. Payment and delivery is sorted out through the third-party sellers, so you will need to check with their individual terms and conditions. If you are purchasing direct from me, I can only take payment via Paypal. I will agree delivery timings with you when we discuss the order (if your item is in stock, it will be mailed next working day – if I have to make it, I will let you know how long this is going to take). We will also discuss returns and refunds then. Your statutory rights will remain unaffected. You can find out more on the custom orders page.