Crème Egg Necklace

The inspiration for my Crème Egg Necklace came from two sources: the first was the work of another talented artist. The second, a memory of work project in my previous career.




Adjustable – minimum 16″ (40cm)


Seed beads, Polymer clay, Letter Beads

Time to Make

2 hours

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Crème Egg Necklace Design

I deCreme Egg Necklacesigned the Crème Egg Necklace after an impulse purchase from a really talented Polymer Clay artist ( If you know anything about my work, you will know my fascination with turning cakes and sweets into jewellery! The design started with the Crème egg – the perfect focal point.

I will let you into a little secret here…once upon a time, in my Creme Egg Necklaceprevious life, I worked on a project for Cadbury’s. So, I became very familiar with their range of chocolates. Once upon a time, I also had a serious chocolate addiction! So, I decided to use the Crème Egg as a focal and develop the theme based on Cadbury’s chocolate.

If you knowCreme Egg Necklace anything about Cadbury’s chocolate, you will have no trouble in recognising the chocolate buttons. I used the letter beads in a nod to a couple of other chocolate bars. The colouring comes from the corporate colours of Cadbury. My love of beading led me to use Peyote stitch to create twisted spiral, using seed beads.

The Crème Egg Necklace isCreme Egg Necklace completed with a length of ribbon to tie it, so you can adjust the length. I have used basic jewellery making techniques to attach the various components.

The Crème Egg Necklace is a one-off design that will never be repeated. If you like this design, then what are you waiting for? Just follow this link and you could be the proud new owner of the Crème Egg Necklace.