Jewellery Studio

…well, here we are! I do hope your journey wasn’t too bumpy. Welcome to my Jewellery studio. Pick yourself up (that was a long fall after all), dust yourself down and come on in…

What goes on in the Jewellery studio?Jewellery Studio

Well, everything happens here. Before I started designing the jewellery, I had to design the jewellery studio. So, I have everything I need in here. The room has fantastic natural light. Even on a dull winter’s day I can still see how my bead colours work together.

I have plenty of space for storing beads, tools and other materials. Fortunately beads don’t take up a lot of space. All the different varieties are separated into small pots and other storage containers. These all sit in my cupboards. When I beadingmatmoved everything in, I had big ideas of a brilliantly organised space. In the end, I moved in such a rush that I just stuck my pots in the nearest available cupboard, with a plan of re-organising everything later. Of course, ‘later’ never came, so I got used to the random organisation! I can put my hands on what I need (most of the time), but to anyone else, this looks like chaos. Apparently this is the sign of a creative mind, so I’m sticking to that excuse!

Then there is the table for working. Although I actually work on a beading board which is portable enough to carry anywhere. This includes out into the garden if the weather is warm! You guessed it…my beading board is as chaotic as my cupboards! In fact, I have several beading boards, so I am usually working on several projects at once.

Last, but not least, I have lots of display space. I like being surrounded by all the colourful pieces I have created in the past. In fact, I will let you into a secret…I often get so attached to a piece that I find it very hard to part with it.

Meet my model

Before we go any further, I should also introduce you to my model, Bella. She lives in my jewellerybella studio and she is the perfect assistant. Bella is always happy to model pieces while they are under construction. This way, I can make sure I get the scale I want. Then she turns saleswoman when it comes to the photography stage…

…I also take photos in the jewellery studio. I still keep experimenting with lighting to try and get it right. However many ‘professional’ set ups I try, I still find that the natural light works best. Close-ups show you the detail in my work. I also think it is important to show you how the piece looks when it is being worn. Confession time: I have played around with ‘selfies’ for this purpose, but my model’s pout needs a bit of work. I never feel sure about the ‘headless’ shots. In fact, between you and me, I’m a little self-conscious when it comes to photos. Occasionally someone else manages to get a half-decent shot of me when I’m unawares.

Generally, I find it best to hand the whole modelling thing over to Bella. She is about my size (5’2 if you must know) and a similar petite build. This makes her just as good at giving a sense of scale and she rather likes the camera!


Moving on…

If I’m boring you here, then do feel free to skip straight to the jewellery collection. If you’re still enjoying your little foray into my world of jewellery design, then come with me. Let’s see if the wardrobe leads to Narnia…or just to the explanation you’ve been waiting for. What is beading or beadwork?